Tips & Tricks of Securing Jobs without a PR

Tips & Tricks of Securing Jobs without a PR

One of the most common grievances that we get from our clients is that, not being a permanent resident, is among the major roadblocks preventing them from accessing skilled employment opportunities. To put it simply, the workflow within the recruitment process is often tainted by categorising applicants according to work permits. These leads to a blockage in almost every application stage, from job boards filtering them out to the flat-out rejection by recruiters unwilling to hear their work rights.

The honest answer to that is that, there is not much you can do about it. Prejudice and biases in the scouting processes or workflows involved are inevitable. These factors not only block you from applying through the job boards but are a hindrance to securing a skilled employment. And as far as the recruitment industry goes, it doesn't get any better.

Recruiters work for the employer, which means they are answerable to them. Although they would love to have the time to provide all candidates with quality services, the reality is that they can only focus on the candidate the employers select. If you do not fit into that category, you would be lucky to get an email update and if you are not Australian chances are your application wouldn't even be greeted with a ‘received’ status.

This is not personal, it's just hard for recruiters to have to keep snubbing people all day long, so ignorance in their case, is bliss.

However, what recruiters manage to slide past you is that, you can't be held back unless you let them hold you back. When we reverse engineer our clients into jobs, we do so by following some simple but successful rules that when applied by you, will help you keep your professional career going.

  • Well for starters, DO NOT APPLY via A JOB BOARD unless you have already spoken to the person who will review your CV.
  • Research the business, as well as the management team that you would be working under, if hired. This is a crucial step before you contact the point of contact of the company.
  • Always make your first contact a direct one; search for the decision-maker on social media channels like LinkedIn and connect first if you can.
  • Practice your elevator pitch to make it fluid before calling the recruitment. Excellent communication skills make lasting first impressions, recruiters want to know that you’re confident in what you are representing.

Practice the following key strategies for all close calls and negotiations by encompassing them into your core skill set:

“KISS’: Keep it short and simple

"ABC": Always be closing

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