The value of doing an internship

Think of internships as a stepping stone to finally getting a job position in your dream career. When applying for jobs, the first thing an employer looks for are your past experiences and what skills you have developed from them. Whether it is a paid or unpaid internship, the experiences you encounter will reward you beyond monetary benefits. Plus, having the extra experience will further boost your confidence when It comes to starting your first full time employment. Here are five reasons why undertaking an internship will be beneficial for your future:


1. Real world work experience

 Whether it is a casual, part or full time internship with a company for a couple of months or weeks, you will have the opportunity to be challenged beyond what you have prepared for during university. Or like many others, you have chosen to not complete a degree, the knowledge that you attain from interning will be beneficially contributed to your future entrepreneurial endeavours. There’s no better way than learning how to run a business in your chosen field, than to actually work within one to see all the required efforts. And if it’s not like how you imagined, it’s okay because you have the flexibility to change careers.


2. Develop industry specific skills

 An internship gives you the opportunity to put your current skills to the test. Applying the skills and theories you have learnt over the past years in university or in workplaces, will be beneficial for you to understand your strengths and weaknesses. During job interviews, employer’s will most likely ask about your strengths and weaknesses. This presents you the opportunity to pitch it to them, demonstrating to them that you are self-aware and dedicated towards converting your weaknesses into strengths.


3. Establish connections within the industry

 Just to add to the positives of doing an internship, you are able to directly get your foot in the industry by establishing connections with highly experienced individuals. Developing good relationships with your colleagues and employers during your time there, can lead you to a field of opportunities. Connections are more powerful than you might think, these relationships could help you in boosting your career no matter what field your interested in. Plus, having a reference from an established individual within the industry can take you a long way.


4. Great attribute to your resume

 Say you’ve just recently graduated and is now on the hunt to find a full time professional job, well haven had already gained some industry experience will make you outshine all the other recent graduates that are most likely, applying for the same jobs as you. Let’s face it, sometimes attaining a university degree isn’t going to cut it, employers want to hire someone that already has some knowledge on how to respond to real life problems and in some instances they just don’t have the resources to take on someone that is unexperienced. Which Is why completing an internship will be handy, especially during job interviews when you are able to speak about the problems you were faced with, and how you were able to overcame them.

 5. Could potentially lead to employment

 In 2020, statistics show that 70 percent of companies offer interns a full time job after they have completed their internship program. You could be in that 70 percent! During your time with the company be sure to demonstrate your dedication to constant learning and improvement. Employers don’t expect you to be perfect, but are more so interested in how you handle certain situations. However, if they are currently not taking on new vacancies, you could still get a letter of recommendation which will increase your chances of landing a full time job with another highly regarded company.

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