The Importance Of A Well Written Professional Resume

The Importance of a Well Written Professional Resume | Roo Resumes

The importance of a well written Professional Resume cannot be stressed upon enough. A Resume is a medium for advertising yourself, it’s the first means in which you use to present yourself as a job applicant and try to claim that you are the best choice candidate to a prospective employer.

Remember though that a Professional Resume is always an evolving document, which improves over the period of time, during your career, so keep modifying and improving on it after its first draft and keep its different versions with you as you move forward in your chosen career.

Did you know that on average an employer or Recruiter takes only 8-10 seconds to screen your Resume and Job Application Cover Letter before considering an applicant to either be shortlisted for a pre-screen telephone interview or not. Sometimes it can be even less than this. That is not a lot of time at all to create the first impression on a piece of paper. Business professionals invest in Mortgage Brokers when they are seeking to purchase a property, a Real Estate Agent when they wish to sell a property and an investment Banker for guidance and support on where to invest their money so why not choose a Professional Resume Writing Expert to assist you in getting a role that would pay for all of these things? Hiring and engaging with a Resume Writing expert who really understands the importance of a Resume and addressing the key selection criteria of a role and a company culture. You spend the most hours of each week working full-time sharing your ideas and plans with a group of people at work, so why would it not be important to invest in your job application to that perfect role?

We live in a society these days where everyone is put in a “box” to be an Expert at such a skill or such a domain so why would you not consider the benefits of hiring an expert in Human Resources and the Recruitment Industry that really understands what happens behind the scenes when screening applicants for suitable roles?

In my professional career I have screened thousands upon thousands of job applications and I know that Resumes are screened and scored accordingly so why not hire a Resume Writing Professional to therefore increase your chances of getting them to speak to you as a person on the telephone or face-to-face in an interview? A well-written Resume will produce results.

Individuals often spend a considerable amount of time focusing on what needs to be in the Resume rather than how it is written. Both are equally important. The tone of voice and how a Professional Resume is written in terms of the style, font, layout and language is the difference between your job application to a great role you would like to apply for getting shortlisted or not.

You must always address the key selection criteria for the role that you are applying for. In my opinion each Resume should be tweaked for every job application to ensure the key selection criteria and core skills required plus culture and team fit is covered and you that you have done your research on a role, the responsibilities and of course the business itself.

Your Professional Resume needs to be factually accurate, including dates of employment, education completed, job titles, and skills possessed in each role demonstrating your growth as a professional in each individual role. The writing in your Resume should be concise, succinct, and to the point. The use of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation must be in your tone of writing. A Resume should reflect who you are and your professional experiences. This does not mean it should be laden with unnecessary graphics or inappropriate personal information about you; it means you should feel comfortable using it to represent yourself as a suitable professional for the right role. The color of the wording needs to be black and only black. Resumes do get disregarded when all sorts of color and style of the font are used upon them; it really does look so unprofessional and is extremely unnecessary.

Your Resume should be visually appealing and also attractive to the eye. Make sure it is neat, organized, and consistent and has a list of your successful achievements and responsibilities and skills used in each role. You’re Resume and the style and the way it is organised should be relevant to the position you are applying for. For example, you may need to make adjustments to your Resume when applying for a position as an Accountant versus a position as a Telecommunications or IT Project Manager. Make sure you do have the skills they are seeking; otherwise it is a wasted application and time for both you and the employer.

When you submit you’re professionally written Resume for a suitable position, you will want to have a tailored Cover Letter to accompany it. A well-crafted and professionally presented Cover Letter may make the difference between getting a job interview and having your application ignored, so it makes sense to take the time to write a thoughtful and tailored professional Cover Letter for each individual job application. However only do this for direct job applications as most Cover Letters via Recruitment Agencies tend to be ignored.

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