The Importance of a Career Plan

Thinking about your future can be daunting as the unknown usually is.

The mystery of what’s to come cannot be escaped but you can be prepared to tackle it.

Creating a career plan gives your mind direction and drive.

It helps you to visualize where it is you want to be and most importantly the paths you must take to get there.

In this article career planning is going to be broken down into the 3 main factors, outlining why it is such an important tool and how you can implement one yourself and start working towards that finish line.

1.    Goals

Start by outlining your long and short term goals. What are you striving for and why? Once you have them written down, you can start thinking about what it is you need to start doing each and every day to bring you closer to reaching them.

It is a dream job or position you are striving for?

Maybe you want to buy your dream home to settle down in?

Or maybe you want to travel the world?

Whatever it may be by setting these

benchmarks and reminding yourself of them regularly will ensure that you don’t lose focus of the big picture and reassure you that the things you are doing now are helping you to reach your goals. It will also guide your decision making ensuring that the choices you make today will impact the version of yourself in the future.

 Implement: Provide direction by setting long and short term goals


2.    Efficiency

Measurable and realistic goals with time frames will keep you accountable and significantly reduce time wasted. Making yourself that timeline

gives you the ability to keep track of your progress and also analysis why things are moving faster or slower.

For example, if you set yourself a monetary goal but without a deadline how would you know how much to save per week or month? Setting these frameworks puts into perspective exactly how and when you are able to reach your goals if you try.

Implement: Give your long and short term goals a timeline


3.    Motivation

Along with creating structure and guidance in your life, these goals create motivation with without you would find yourself at a loss moving forward. Visualizing yourself having achieved your goals help drive and fuel you to get up every day and work towards making the life you have envisioned for yourself.

It helps put into perspective why you are staying back late at the office or saving money where you can. It helps overcome those difficult moments of doubt pushing you forwards when you need it most.

Keeping you on track when everything seems unclear.

Implement: What is your fuel? Don’t forget it.


Remember it’s not all about the destination if you take a step back you’ll see that the journey is where all the magic happens.

Use these 3 key factors to implement a career plan based on your life goals and let it help you to propel into the life you dream of!