Set Goals when searching for a job


It is very easy to get distracted during the job search process. Job search tends to be monotonous and tedious and it is very easy to check your phone for messages and realize you are still scrolling through Instagram 2 hours later. To avoid this, you need to set goals for your search process. Your goals could look something like this:

  1. Target only the jobs with a specific job title
  2. Target only a specific part of your desired industry
  3. Save 20 job ads before reading them
  4. Apply to at least 15 jobs in one go

It is important that you set realistic goals for yourself and achieve them before the deadline. This will make it easy to follow up on every application as following up is just as important as applying. Remember, the end goal is not applying for too many jobs, it is landing one permanent full-time position in your desired field. Here is an approach to consider when setting a goal.

  • Your goals need to be as specific as possible to avoid ambiguity.
  • They should be measurable, to track your progress and keep yourself accountable.
  • They need to be realistic. Having unrealistic goals will only lead to procrastination.
  • They need to be relevant. Setting meaningless or trivial goals which do not contribute to the results will only consume time.
  • You need to have a deadline for your goals to be completed.

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