Protect your Attitude

Attitude is everything when it comes to job search. Stay motivated, and you will end up applying to quality jobs in your field whereas if you get demotivated quickly, you might end up not even completing the application to your first job ad. Hence protecting it and staying motivated throughout the job search.

Few things that could bring your morale down:

  • Spending time reading through the job ad and realizing you are not eligible since you don’t meet their citizenship requirement.
  • Navigating through only one job board and realising there aren’t many opportunities in your targeted field/region.
  • Not getting a reply from a job ad you applied to which you thought was perfect for you.

One simple thing you could do to avoid this bringing you down is to select several job ads with the job titles you like without opening them and then opening them one by one. This will help you stay motivated throughout the first step of your job search and you will realise that you have achieved a lot more than you set out for.

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