Get Started on your Cover Letter

A cover letter helps you present yourself to the recruiter. It helps you include information that you couldn’t on your CV and also highlight how you align with the requirements of the job…

Effective Job Search

There is a lot to a job search than what meets the eye. Now you know about the various job boards, and what it advertises and how to go about it, so I am not going to waste your time by…

Do your research

It is easy to apply a few filters on the job board and apply to all the job ads that show up. However, that job may not be perfect for you. And after going through weeks of the job hunts and interviews…

Set Goals when searching for a job

It is very easy to get distracted during the job search process. Job search tends to be monotonous and tedious and it is very easy to check your phone for messages and realize you…

Protect your Attitude

Attitude is everything when it comes to job search. Stay motivated, and you will end up applying to quality jobs in your field whereas if you get demotivated quickly, you might end up not even…

Feedbacks, turning negatives into positives

Say You’ve just recently received a negative complaint about something at work, and this has left you doubting yourself and your abilities. The truth is, we all need feedback to grow

How to do mock interviews and who with

Are you currently on the hunt for a job in your desired field? Or have a job interview coming up? Well, one of the most effective ways to prepare and increase your chances of landing your next job…

The Importance of a Career Plan

Thinking about your future can be daunting as the unknown usually is.
The mystery of what’s to come cannot be escaped but you can be prepared to tackle it. Creating a career plan gives your mind direction and drive…

The value of doing an internship

Think of internships as a stepping stone to finally getting a job position in your dream career. When applying for jobs, the first thing an employer looks for is your past experiences and what skills you have developed from them…

Effectively Using Your Body Language to Get The Job

Job interviews are stressful situations and as much as we’d like to hide it, our bodies are often the first ones to give us away. Experts say 75-90% of communication

Struggles of an International Student

Moving to a new country for education is an exciting endeavor. And being an international student, it puts you in a position where you can definitely grow as an individual.  While you study……

Guide to your upcoming job interview

Hunting for a new job is an excruciating process. Visiting countless websites, scrolling through numerous job listings and applying for multiple jobs is challenging. Finally, you hear back from a company…

How to successfully pivot your current career

It is important to reinvent yourself and frame a new narrative throughout your career pivot. Understand the risks and challenges you’ll be taking up,

How to get feedback from your job applications?

As we have reminded our clients every chance we get, feedback is a service. In fact, we see our feedback chain from employers as one of the most valuable

Tips & Tricks of Securing Jobs without a PR

What recruiters manage to slide past you is that, you can’t be held back unless you let them hold you back. When we reverse engineer our clients into jobs, we do so

Applying the art of the elevator pitch to a video intro or resume

First things first: what is it? So named because it’s short enough to be given during an elevator ride, say 30-60 seconds, the elevator pitch is a brief summary of what good or service your

Like Life There Are No Guarantees In Recruitment

Professional Recruitment Consulting is an unusual profession, it has a very low barrier to entry, a huge attrition rate, and to succeed you only need the most basic of academic qualifications. But these aren’t…

The 3 Questions People Always Forget to Ask in an Interview

Getting an interview for that dream job is a perfect chance to sell yourself and you need to make sure that you get everything right. Preparation is vital and it goes without saying that you…

The Most Important Interview Question Of All Time

Over the past 30+ years as a recruiter, I can confirm that at least two-thirds of my hiring manager clients weren’t very good at interviewing. Yet, over 90% thought

9 Qualities Of Truly Confident People

First things first: Confidence is not bravado, or swagger, or an overt pretense of bravery. Confidence is not some bold or brash air of self-belief directed at others. Confidence is quiet:

The Biggest Mistakes I See On Resumes And How To Correct

I’ve sent out hundreds of resumes over my career. I’ve personally reviewed more than 20,000 resumes. And at Google, we sometimes get more than 50,000 resumes in a single week…

Stop Using These 16 Terms To Describe Yourself

Picture this. You meet someone new. “What do you do?” she asks.
“I’m an architect,” you say.
“Oh, really?” she answers. “Have you designed any buildings I’ve seen?”
“Possibly,” you reply.

The No1 Career Mistake Capable People Make

I recently reviewed a resume for a colleague who was trying to define a clearer career strategy. She has a terrific experience. And yet, as I looked through it I could see the problem she was concerned about

The Importance Of A Well Written Professional Resume

The importance of a well written Professional Resume cannot be stressed upon enough. A Resume is a medium for advertising yourself, it’s the first means in which you use to present yourself it’s the first means in

A Messy Digital Footprint Can Cost You A Job

Social media has transformed the job market in just a decade. On one side are employers taking an increasing interest in the digital footprints of job applicants. On the other, are those applicants,,,

The 7 Benefits Of Using Linkedin

LinkedIn is the largest business-oriented networking website geared specifically toward professionals. It has over 500 million members, in over 200 countries. A professionally written LinkedIn profile