How to successfully pivot your current career



Our lives were brought to a standstill when the lockdown was initiated. Majority of the population was forced to either transfer their current skills into a new job role or be made redundant. Our common routines and comfort were interrupted, pressuring us to find alternatives to sustain employment.

Tough times call for a renewal in the regimen. Many of us have identified this period as a time for opportunity. Job industries and opportunities were shattered recently and replaced with a fresh set of rules and expectations. It’s an exciting time where the employment market has had a complete reshuffle. Such moments should be taken advantage of.

Cognitive preparation surrounding the central question of “which of my skills are transferable across different job roles?” is crucial to understand your strengths and weaknesses. You need to be able to identify the gaps in your skillset and further develop your abilities to make yourself a stronger candidate. Comprehend if you have the finances, contacts and resources required to make the pivot. If you don’t, consider some classes, diplomas and licenses that will enhance your core skills.

It is important to reinvent yourself and frame a new narrative throughout your career pivot. Understand the risks and challenges you’ll be taking up, alongside the role you want to get into. The process will demand emotional hardships and commitments. However, you’ll be able to understand your full potential. Become clear on which role you are looking for and why you want to switch your career to that role. Upon answering these two questions, you can create an action plan on how you will achieve it. Identify and pin-up your primary role and the timeline it would require to achieve. From here you can accurately track the progress you have made and the next steps to complete. Your career jump relies purely on the effort you put into these stages.

Throughout multiple points in our lives, we hesitated to take the leap or decide because we were afraid of the change it would bring along with it. However, it is important to understand that the only difference between you and the ones who made it, is the first small step that they took in the right direction.

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