How to get feedback from your job applications?

How to get feedback from your job applications?

Putting together a job application, if done the right way, is a tedious task. Even more frustrating is receiving no response from recruiters or companies. This remains one of the main concerns during the hunt for skilled employment for our clients. Many of whom are frustrated to the point of giving up altogether, while others are left dazed & confused by the entire job application process.

The cluelessness of it all arises from the fact that most jobseekers assume going to school, securing H1’s and working hard are pathways to obtaining a professional job. Touch up your CV, begin applying and magically you will be invited in for interviews.

But the reality is far from it. The key problem here is the chance of not being given opportunities by job boards and recruiters like expected, rather their job is to block everyone other than the candidate the employer gravitates towards. After all, they are the ones paying for the job ad or the recruitment team to manage all the applicants, so it is fitting that they are who the recruiters and job boards are designed to serve.

As we have reminded our clients very chance we get, feedback is a service. In fact, we see our feedback chain from employers as one of the most valuable aspects of the services we provide our clients. The fact of the matter is no one is perfect and neither is any job, so having a discussion with the decision-maker about what they really need, what skill-set do they want to in their next employee and how your profile stacks up against that is how you strengthen your profile for your next application.

It’s also your opportunity to explore a development plan with the employer. If you can understand the employer's concerns and present a solution of how you can overcome those fear, the chances of you securing the position are increased. It's also your opportunity to ask the decision-maker if they can refer you on to someone else who might need your skills.

Many of our placements are made this very way, by analysing our client's profile with the employer and then asking for a referral if the candidates does not present the right fit. This not only increases the chances of getting hired but also gives prospective employees a chance to focus on their strengths and weaknesses.

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