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Are you currently on the hunt for a job in your desired field? Or have a job interview coming up? Well, one of the most effective ways to prepare and increase your chances of landing your next job interview is by undertaking many mock interviews. The reasons why mock interviews are highly suggested by professionals is that it presents an opportunity for you to prepare, so when you are in the real interview you’re not left scrambling for answers. Not only that, but it enables you to evaluate your interview skills, so that you are able to make improvements accordingly. Besides, calms the nerves knowing that you’re well prepared and presenting the best version of yourself.


You’re probably wondering, how do we actually do mock interviews?

We’re glad you asked, Here’s a few things that you might want to keep note of.


1.   Develop answers to commonly asked questions

 Before going into the interview you should be well prepared to answer the most common answers. Rehearsing your answers during these mock interviews gives you the opportunity to alter it to produce the most effective response. Here are some of the most asked questions by employers:

·     Tell me about yourself

·     What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

·     Tell me about an achievement that you’re really proud of?

·     Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

·     Why do you want to work for our company? What makes you think you’re a good fit for our company?

·     What was one of the biggest challenges you were faced with?

When constructing your answers to these questions, it’s suggested to use the STAR method. First, describe the situation you were faced with, then the task you were obliged to resolve, the action you took to address the problem, and lastly share the results you accomplished.

Though these questions are relevant, there will be questions asked that you haven’t prepared for or don’t know the answers to. This is your time to demonstrate true authenticity and vulnerability, which the employer will appreciate. Acknowledge that your knowledge is limited, they don’t expect you to know everything, however this buys you some time to construct a good answer. Start off by admitting you don’t know a lot in this area then go into the things that you do know, and finishing off with your plan on learning more. This protects your answer from being heavily scrutinised and mitigates any limited concern about your knowledge. However, if you are confronted with an answer that you have no idea about, use the same strategy but return with a question to show some interest in the subject. This curiosity and type of problem solving won’t go unnoticed by the employer.

To conclude your interview, don’t forget to accumulate a few genuine questions for the employer, this will reaffirm your interest in the position.


 2.   Research the company

 Employers look for candidates that have shown a vested interest in their business, someone that not only works for monetary benefits, but shares the same vision as their company. Therefore, it is vital that you conduct in-depth research into the company and its values to ensure that they also align with yours. Demonstrating your understanding of the business to the employer will leave a good impression that you are confident in your suitability.


3.   Present yourself appropriately

 The way you present yourself has an impact on the employers first impression of you. Be sure to look professional and dress appropriately, when in doubt, wear something black and smart casual. Although this Is just a mock interview, it is vital for you to at least have some practices where you are dressed the same way you would going into the interview. The person you choose to give feedback in this process should also assess you on how you have chosen to present yourself.


 4.   Mimic the real setting

 You want to make these mock interviews as close to reality as possible. This could mean setting up a desk with a neat background where you’re comfortable if it’s an in person interview. This will give you a basic understanding of what the environments going to be like. However, if the interview is through video call, you should still find a quiet space with a plain background and good reception to demonstrate professionalism. In either settings, make sure you don’t forget necessary items such as your resume or portfolio to show the employer your past accomplishments.


5.   Practice on your own

 They say practice makes perfect, which is why we suggest you practice as many times as you can until you feel confident. Recording yourself during these mock interviews will be beneficial for you to look back on to make further improvements. Preparing for questions is just one aspect of this process, it’s important that you also focus on your delivery. This includes the tone you are using, your body languages and gestures. However, another alternative to this method is presenting to the mirror, no matter how uncomfortable it might feel, there’s an advantage in seeing yourself directly and making changes fittingly.


 Who should you do mock interviews with?

For general practice, either a friend or family member could play the role as the employer and ask the general questions that are commonly asked. However, if you’re seeking for a more in depth practice that will mirror the actual interview, friends and family are probably not the best option, unless they have had experience within the industry, or you highly trust and respect them. It’s important that the person assessing you is constructive and professional with their feedback, for you to be able to absorb the full benefits of performing a mock interview.

You don’t want someone that is completely brutal in their feedback approach, but considerate and honest. To ensure that their not just out to destroy your confidence, you could suggest them use the hamburger method to construct their feedback. This method recommends beginning the feedback with something you did well, then the aspects that could improve, and finishing it off with another positive. This way you are able to receive the constructive criticism without the loss of confidence. Though, If you don’t have access to someone like this, the career advisors at Abstract would be a great alternative for you to put your interview skills to the test.


Don’t worry, you got this! Make sure to follow our guide to performing mock interviews and you’ll land a job in no time. However, If you’re looking for further assistance from our career advisors be sure to contact us for more information. Happy job hunting!