Who are We?

Abstract Transformations is a cutting-edge company providing professional employment and migration solutions. We guide our clients from start to finish by maximising their opportunities and transforming their future with financially stable and skilled employment.

How We Help?

Every client that comes on board is matched up with a Career Advisor who will take the time to understand their individual circumstances. We work solely for you; providing you with employment opportunities that are tailored to your skills, value and passions.

Creating equal opportunities

Our Career Advocates dismantle and remove barriers in order to provide you with access to prime employment opportunities.

Creating your value proposition

Spark curiosity and conversation towards your unique selling points and distinguish yourself from other candidates.

Mock & live interviews

Practice, test and professionally review your interview performance before your next real-life job interview.

Migration Services

We provide a preferred supplier agreement with MARA Registered Migration Agents who can help with your application.

Why Us?

“Our number one priority is breaking down barriers that are blocking you from your full potential"


"I reached out to Kevin from Abstract Transformations and as a firm that celebrates candidate advocacy, they did not disappoint. Abstract Transformations was truly helpful in helping me structure my professional goals, and I truly appreciate Kevin's dedication towards his work and guiding me through the process of seeking my desired job position. I am so glad that I met Kevin as a professional advisor to guide me in the right direction towards achieving my goals”


"My career journey with Abstract Transformations witnessed a good progression since day one. They were on point with mapping my professional's goals to the realistic scenario, based on my education, achievements and work history. I received training on tailoring my profile to match that of the job profiles I aimed to apply for. In all, their approach towards my current journey with them is based on measured insights and data to bridge the professional gaps and alleviate the burning needs of the IT industry"



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